Hispanic Heritage Month Programs NOW through Oct 15!


H I S P A N I C   H E R I T A G E M O N T H   P R O G R A MS


  • Sept 14:  LSA OPEN HOUSE ~ 10am-11pm in Middle Powell
  • Sept 27:  LATINO READ-IN ~ 12pm-1pm in Middle Powell
  • Sept 28:  CHAUTAUGUA LECTURE SERIES: Julissa Arce: "The American DREAMer; From Undocumented to Wall Street & Immigration Advocacy" ~ 7:30pm in Whitlock Auditorium
  • Oct 4:     LATINO STREET FAIR ~ 10am-2pm on Powell Corner
  • Oct 11:   STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS: Real Talk with the Regentes ~ TBA 5-7pm
  • Oct 18:   Inauguration of Bobby Verdugo Bilingual Peer Mentoring and Tutoring Center ~ McCreary Hall

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