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EKU Diversity Office

Athletes on a Mission was created to connect with EKU student-athletes through guidance, mentorship, and community service.  Showing student-athletes that they have a voice, as well as increasing their awareness of the world outside their sidelines.

The Diversity Office partnered with Bratzke Center's Monika Banbel, Josh Shipp, and Marina Coleman, but the initial force behind the program was Amadi Brooks in the fall of 2017.  Ms. Brooks is a former EKU women's basketball player.  As the Diversity Office's graduate assistant, Amadi developed the Dialogue Series featuring former student-athletes whose careers are now off the field.  The dialogue sessions kick off with open discussions of current events, followed by a speaker sharing their post-athlete life experiences.

During the spring of 2018 Marcella Rocha, also a former EKU women's basketball player, guided Athletes on a Mission into phase two: mentoring middle school students.  Principal Amie Gallion and Counselor Candi Reed of Madison Middle School were extremely happy to have EKU student-athletes mentor some of their students.  “The middle school students come alive when the students are there,” said Marcella.

The momentum continues this summer for Athletes on a Mission through Athlete’s Summer Bridge Program with short weekly sessions on topics including career development, the importance and internships, networking, interviews, and much more.

If you are interested in participating, partnering or presenting please contact marcella_rocha@mymail.eku.edu or contact the Diversity Office at 859.622.6587, diversity@eku.edu.