University Diversity Office

In our efforts to further discussions surrounding the topic of Diversity, we would like to invite you to participate in our Second Brown Bag Discussion.  We will be discussing bias and how that impacts the campus community.

12:30 - 1:30 pm on Dec 3 in Jaggers/102 Powell

Bring your own lunch and enjoy our beverages and chocolates.


Win 2 Tickets to the EKU vs UK Mens Basketball Game - 12/09/15 @ Rupp, 7pm

     *Must be present to win!*


Comments from first Brown Bag Discussion - October 15, 2015:

Question: In what manner does EKU support/nurture diversity?

·         Programs to address origin & celebration other cultures

·         Diversity Retention Specialist, a new position, encourages students to reach out to be successful

·         Minority Recruiter, new position

·         Statements that affirm diversity: EKU Strategic Plan, EKU Diversity Plan

·         Departments have diversity committees and activities

·         Strong disabilities office to support students

·         EKU has a “large family feel”

·         Freshman Academy students are paired with upper class students

·         Diverse staff

·         EKU Multicultural Center provides travel outside Kentucky

·         Provost Vice and President Benson asked for support and aid in retention of young black male EKU students

Question: How do you support diversity in your personal life?

·         Embrace everyone on campus

·         A rural Kentuckian undergraduate students felt EKU is open to diversity

·         Eastern Bridge Program – students are matched with faculty of another race/ethnicity to form mentor/mentee relationship

·         Standing up for what’s right and assisting with injustices; take a stand in your personal, professional and business life.

·         Advisees of males: respect everyone and all women; we can make a difference if we stand up for others

Question: Discussion of Diversity?

·         We are doing more education instead of celebration.  People do not feel free to talk to people of different races for fear of insulting them

·         We all need to reach out and get to know people

·         Be self-aware: monitor how you react when an individual makes an inappropriate comment, make it a teaching moment instead of being defensive

·         Examples of teachable moments:

o   Slaves described as workers in a textbook

o   Black male US Marshall pulled over for no reason

o   Black female in grocery store was told, “I don’t take WIC” at my register

·         Education both sides of self-identity

·         Real education is trying new things and applying it in our daily life

·         College students allow intolerance instead of leading and guiding others

·         An article in a Psychology journal stated there is a decline in training and resiliency

·         Student will discuss just about anything in the classroom except racism, therefore no one opens up and nothing changes while intolerance continues

·         Media-packed society – easy for us to superficially categorize people into a group instead of looking at them as individuals

Question: How are stereotypesreinforced on campus?

·         In the Fresh Market of  Powell upstairs, the white male cook is referred to as a chef, while the black male cook is referred to as a cook

·         We are allowing stereotypes to affect discussions on diversity; we need to free our mind of stereotypes.

·         The system is the problem

·         Custodians were not invited to a department’s pot luck, but only asked later, almost an afterthought

·         Custodians are not shown respect or honor on our campus.  We need to lead by example

·         Derogatory comments are made about professors with accents

·         Some turn off theirlistening ears when they hear an accent.

Question: Requests for diversity training?

·         Need to increase awareness of diversity resources on campus because many students are unaware

Focus on Diversity:

Dr. Roger Cleveland