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February's Brown Bag ~

Join Elizabeth Lawson as Charlotte Dupuy

Thurs/Feb 11/12:30 - 1:30 in the Grand Reading Room of the Main Library

     Part of the Kentucky Humanities Council, Inc/Kentucky Chautauqua

          The daughter of George and Rachel Stanley, Charlotte Dupuy was born in Cambridge, Maryland, in 1787.  Her parents were owned and enslaved by Daniel Parker.  Eight short years later, Dupuy was sold to James Condon for $100 and was forced to leave her family.

          As the only slave owned by the Condon family, Charlotte was forced to grow up quickly.  Tasked with the household chores as well as caring for the Condon children, Charlotte worked tirelessly.

          In 1805, at the age of 18, Charlotte was brought to Kentucky by Mr. Condon and she was registered as his slave.  While in Kentucky she met Aaron Dupuy, who was enslaved by Henry Clay and his wife, Lucretia.  Charlotte and Aaron were married in 1806 and Charlotte was sold to the Clay family.  Charlotte spent life with the Clay family carrying out household chores and caring for the Clay's 10 children, as well as raising her own two.

          In 1825, the Clay family moved to Washington, D.C. as Henry Clay served as Secretary of State.  Charlotte found a lawyer who filed papers for her and her children, suiing for their freedom.  Her petition was denied and Charlotte was jailed for refusing to return to Kentucky with the Clays.  She was later emancipated by Henry Clay in 1840.

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